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SOSAN's 28th National Conference

Theme: The Unending Question of National Unity in Nigeria - In Whose Interest?

Venue:  Institute of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State

Date: Monday 26th to Thursday 29th November 2012

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Call for papers

Papers are invited but not limited to the following subthemes:

Socio-cultural Dimension of Unity in Diversity: Religion, Ethnic, Gender, Class etc. How these have affected who we are, what we believe, where we have been and where we are going.

Environmental and Resource Dimensions: Exploring geographic and environmental issues that have shaped our nation.

Political and Economic Dimension: An understanding of how governments and economic systems operate and affect our developing nation.

Achievement Gaps and how we are closing them: Classroom achievement gaps in Social Studies and (its contributory disciplines e.g. Political Science, Geography, Economic, History etc),regional educational gaps, industrial and infrastructural gap, challenges of subgroups (the child, the youth, the handicap, the militants, the terrorists, the aged, the widow/widowers, the rich, the diasporas etc).

Other Emerging Issues: Call for Confederacy, Regionalism, Resource Control, Terrorism etc.

Other Details:

  • Day 1:  Monday 26th November 2012 – Arrival and Registration at the Faculty of Education.
  • Day 2: Tuesday 27th November, 2012 – Plenary 1 - Prompt @ the Ogunbanjo Community Centre(OCC)
    - Opening Ceremony by 12noon @ the Ogunbanjo Community Centre
    - Workshop on writing for publication 3.00pm @ OCC
  • Day 3: Wednesday 28th November, 2012. - Plenary Sessions @ Ogunbanjo Community Centre
    - Dinner & AGM @ Ogunbanjo Community Centre
  • Day 4: Departure – Thursday 29th November 2012.
  • Speakers: 

    1. Keynote address - Professor I.O. Albert   Peace and Conflict Studies Programme Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria 

    2. Lead-paper presenter -   Prof. O.B.C. Nwolise Department of Political Science University of Ibadan, Nigeria


Dr. C.O.Odejobi
Institute of Education
Prof. P.O. Jegede
Faculty of Education


Prof. B.A. Omole